Rising Star Investments

Rising Star Investment
Fund I, LP

High-Yield Private Equity with a Focus on Value


Rising Star Investment Fund I (RSI) is a private equity investment fund that specializes in providing customized growth capital solutions ranging from $1 to $20MM to profitable, lower-middle-market companies in various sectors. We seek to invest in established companies that have experienced and proven management teams with a track record of building enterprise value. RSI was founded by former industry executives and experienced investment managers who value their relationships with investors and management teams. RSI acquires profitable companies and deploys management teams and tech to enhance growth. RSI deploy expert management teams to optimize physical assets in private equity companies. Best-in-class playbook to optimize businesses of all industries and sizes.


Benefits of Our Approach

  • Our approach helps us identify high-quality investment targets, reduce risk, and improve returns for investors.
  • We leverage our network and market research to find emerging trends and opportunities in attractive sectors.
  • Our rigorous due diligence process invests only in companies with strong growth potential and a competitive advantage.
  • We provide strategic guidance, operational support, and access to our resources to help portfolio companies create long-term value.
  • Our focus on selecting targets that align with our strategy allows us to allocate resources efficiently and maximize returns for investors.

RSI Fund

Structural Characteristics

  • Buy at low multiples: Acquire reasonably priced lower middle market companies with EBITDA multiples between 2-6x.
  • Grow enterprise value: We will install competent management teams, put in place established systems, and prioritize investing in value-added capex to optimize growth.
  • EXIT at higher multiple: High growth and asset-heavy companies trade at much higher multiples like 12x and above.

Investment Attributes

  • Investors who wish to avoid stock market volatility while still earning a great return.
  • RSI provides a fixed, 12% yield solution.
  • RSI’s investment methodology focuses on strategically investing capital into established companies with a strong potential for exponential growth.
  • Providing investors with an opportunity to participate in the gains from high multiple investment exits.

Investor Relations

For General Inquiries and Investor Relations, please contact Rising Star Investor Relations at brent@risingstarinvestments.net or 512.626.4501.


Lyle Yarbrough

Co Founder & GP

Lyle is the founder of Rising Star Investment Fund. He is a recognized innovator in the direct-to-consumer online market and has founded three companies with a combined worth of over $100 million. An experienced entrepreneur with a background in technology and e-commerce. Startups and businesses looking to grow, and scale can benefit greatly from Lyle’s expertise and experience.

Brent Bartholomew

Co Founder & Fund Manager

Brent is an experienced finance and accounting leader with 15+ years of experience leading teams for public and private companies across various industries, including entrepreneurial and middle-market entities. Brent currently manages a portfolio of eight companies worth over $100MM and has a keen eye for recognizing long-term strategic opportunities in powerful markets and industries.


RSI Investment Fund Returns

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RSI Passes $ _ m and Looks Toward the Next Level

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